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    Are there any people in the Hot Spring Hotel in Zhongshan City?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Zhongshan Spring Eye Hot Spring is located in the city of Zhongshan (Quanyan Village, Sanxiang Township). It is convenient for transportation. It is only 10 minutes' drive from Zhuhai. It is only 3 kilometers from the coastal high -speed exports. Essence In the original ecological hot spring scenic spot, more than 300 kinds of plants specimens were planted, and Professor Chiang, Professor Chiang of the Zhongshan Institute of Botanicals, was rated as "Plant Ecological Scenic Area, Urban Forest Sea, Natural Oxygen Bar in the City". The ideal health sacred place for one.
      since the trial operation of the springs in Spring Eye Hot Spring, it has been designated by the international large -scale beauty contest organizing committee since the trial business in July 2008, and successfully received the "Miss Asia 2009", "Miss International Tourism in 2010" and 2009. In September "Miss International Tourism Guangdong Finals"; also received the famous Hong Kong film and television star "Zhan Zhao" He Jiajin, Xing Guobin, and Miss Global, who came to watch the scenic area, and praised: "Spring Eye Hot Spring is Lingnan the most natural naturally Pure live water hot springs ". In August 2009, Mr. Zeng Qiliang, the International Swimming Star, came to the Quanyan Hot Scenic Scenic Area and gave a high evaluation. On December 24, 2009, former US President Nixon's eldest grandson David Nixon checked online to come to Quanyan Hot Spring Tourism Information, and praised it on the spot: Quanyan Hot Spring has beautiful environment and intimate services! In May 2010, CCTV designated 20 episodes of TV series.
      This springs hot spring water comes from the depth of about 200 meters underground without polluting rock layers. 100%natural naturally better than drinking mineral water. The temperature of the water is 95 ° C. The content of the springs of the hot spring elements is 147.6mg/L, which is more than 5 times more than the national medical hot springs standard. The experts call it "high -quality medical hot springs" with high medical value. "Polaric acid" has the effects of softening the cortex, cleaning the skin, delaying aging, and making the skin smooth and smooth. It will help young bone calcification, promote bone growth, strengthen the special effects of middle -aged and elderly cardiovascular vessels, prevent osteoporosis from osteoporosis. The extensive promotion of experts and the Internet is a rare health and best health in pure natural hot springs.
      The spring -eye hot springs adopt a club -type operation mode and open 24 hours to allow you to enjoy the full -scale service of any food and letting go at any time. The project includes: open -air hot springs with more than 50 functions of various live water hot springs and dry and wet steaming sauna, life bath, space compartment, fish therapy, ore sand, slate bath and dual -track high -speed slide, water volleyball, table tennis, billiards and billiards and billiards and billiards and billiards and billiards and billiards and billiards. Dozens of free projects such as physical training facilities. The latest hot spring health projects such as high -pressure hydraulic massage facilities will give you experience of personalized leisure and entertainment hot spring health. rn 豪华客房带私家温泉池,六种房型,让您享受私泡独享的尊贵温泉享受;客房宽敞明亮,配备高速宽带或豪华电脑,入住送露天温泉任泡、全天自助餐供应、 24 hours of fruit at any point and domestic long -distance calls.
      Mepomorphic conference room with 50 people and 100 people, elegant interior design, equipped with audio digital networks, audio, high -definition film and television playback systems, suitable for the needs of various groups. The desk style and other forms are ideal conferences for business decision -making, training, and business talks.
      SPA health care is the mainstream of Lao Tzu Jindi Health Series. It mainly adheres to the ancient emperor's health methods, and uses ancient Chinese medicine, qigong, needle treatment, label, scraping, beauty, dietary conditioning and other recipes. The effects of body, nourishing qi, nourishing blood, nourishing, and kidney nourishing kidney. It has the effects of being comfortable and peaceful, strong, lively, alive bones, and prolonging life.
      The farmhouse flavor incense scenery restaurant is more suitable for leisurely and individual consumer VIPs to enjoy, you can taste pure farm special dishes;
      KTV private rooms are fashion and modern people. Wine, even more to fly.
      The buffets all day off with more than 90 buffet foods, farmhouse snack characteristics, fruit drinks, so that you want to eat.
      The casual area provides online, fruits, beverages, mahjong chess and cards, billiard game consoles, as well as books, shadows, independent TV sleep areas, etc. Spring Eye Hot Spring allows you to enjoy the precious hot springs and leisure and health holidays.

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