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    Ask for the top ten games, what are the more recommended?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The top ten games are the top ten: "League of Legends", "World of Warcraft", "Backwater Cold", "Overwatch", "The Legend of Hearthstone: Biography of Warcraft", "Dungeon and Warriors", "Fantasy Westward Journey" , "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry", "Jedi Survival", "Dawn Murder".
      The following three:
      1, "Inverse Water Cold".
      "Inverse Water Cold" with three series of novels of Wen Ruian's "Four Great Capture", "Say Heroes is Hero", "Shenzhou Qixia" as the game background, it tells a tragic hunt in the last year of the Northern Song Dynasty and involved it. The grievances of the rivers and lakes, the dispute between the court, the gangs, the emotional entanglement, and the city of the Northern Song Dynasty. The work has a better performance effect and a more real sense of "rivers and lakes" atmosphere. In physical performance, the work uses the Havok engine; in terms of lighting, it is the first domestic game that uses Enlighten global lighting technology.
      2, "Dungeon and Warriors".
      This game is a 2D scroll -type horizontal version of fighting through the game, which has inherited the characteristics of many households and arcade 2D fighting games. The task -guided character growth is the center, supplemented by copy, PVP, and PVE. It has the same equipment and grade changes as other online games, and has a total of more than 500 equipment props. Each character has 8 props and equipment positions. In the game, up to 4 players can make a team challenge level, and 4 pairs of PK can also be performed.
      3, "Jedi Survival".
      "PUBG" (PUBG) is a tactical competitive shooting sandbox game. In this game, players need to collect various resources on the game map, and fight against other players in a narrowing security area to survive to the end. In addition to winning the G-Star Great Presidential Award and other five major awards, the game "Jedi Survival" also broke 7 Guinness records.

    2. Game rankings: "Three Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms", "Blood Pollution: Night Ceremony", "Biochemical Crisis 2: Remake Edition", "Genting Game", "Wolf: Two Drives", "Eight Presses Travelers". It is more recommended: "Three Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms", "Blood Pollution: Night Rites", "Biochemical Crisis 2: Remake Edition".
      1. "Comprehensive War: Three Kingdoms"
      "Comprehensive War: Three Kingdoms" for the first time to reshape the ancient Chinese beacon legend in this countless strategic game series. In the exciting round of rounds, the country can be constructed and governing the country; in the breathtaking instant battle, it can fight the battlefield and break the army to kill the enemy. "Total War: Three Kingdoms" cleverly combines the two to redefine the legendary history of the heroes.
      2, "Blood Pollution: The Rites of the Night"
      In "Blood Pollution: The Rites of Night", the role played by the player is Miliam. Orphans. In order to save herself and all human beings, she must run through a devil with a fighting fight.
      3, "Resident Evil 2: Remake Edition"
      "Biochemical Crisis 2: Remake Edition" is based on the classic survival thriller game "Biochemical Crisis 2" launched in PS1 in 1998. New work of remake. It was produced by the "RE Engine" developed for the "Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil", and reappeared the classic scenes and plots of the year with high -quality 3D drawing. In the game, players will play the role of rookie police officer "Lyon" and the lively and powerful female college student "Krer". The raccoon market that broke out of the biochemical crisis in the unknown virus infection starts the extreme adventure of survival.

    3. Game rankings: "Big Saint Reincarnation", "Legendary World", "Dark Angel", "Jiuqu Fengshen", "Dragon Power World", "Eight Saniels", "Dota Bato". Recommended are: "Legendary World", "Diablo Angel", "Dota Bato".
      1, "Legendary World"
      "Legend World" web version is an ARPG role -playing web game. The grand world view is perfectly combined with the ancient myth background with the game. Only by continuously practicing yourself can you kill the elite, force the opponent, obtain rare rewards and equipment, and make a good preparation for the journey of war. Essence Rich and diverse equipment and gorgeous skills, and a hearty battle will definitely give you a great experience.
      2, "Dark Angel"
      "Dark Angel" is an RPG fantasy game with a miracle gameplay. The game continues the story background and world view of the miracle. The character will match the dark angel, save the world, and find the secret of the corruption of angels.
      3, "Dota Bato"
      "Dota Bataya" is a new self -running game created by Dota as a blueprint. V Club is officially created. , Super wonderful competitive battlefields are super free and free, a variety of different types of gameplay switch with heart, super powerful card matching, skill combinations can exert super combat power, easy and comfortable battlefields, diverse PK breakthroughs, challenges of challenges, challenges Different players.

    4. Game rankings: 1. "Dead God vs Naruto 3.3", 2. "My World Eat Chicken", 3. "Desert Island Gun Training", 4. "Escape!" I recommend it.
      "Dead God vs Naruto 3.3" Ichigo · Semi -deficiency (Originally blurred one), Kakashi Shenwei, remake the character Payne, some characters increase the steel body movement, increase the auxiliary character's rotten wood · Bai Yan, remake the auxiliary character one night, some of the auxiliary to increase the BUFF effect. Increase the volume settings function, increase the blur transformation of one protection (S WJ), repair many known bugs, and increase the volume settings. With hardware conditions allowed, it is better to use HIGH and above image quality as much as possible.
      "My World Eat Chicken" a pixel -style chicken game, the game is simple, the interface is simple, and the large map. And support double games, you can support your teammates when your teammates fall to the ground, cooperate with each other, and eat chicken together.
      "Desert Island Gun Training" is a shooting game. Players must land to a small island for simulation exercises. They have nothing to search for resources on the island. All players, the first place, is victory.
      "Escape! "Juvenile" is a multiplayer online and casual competitive game. You can play the escape, use hiding, transform and other methods to fight the hunt. You can also play the hunter to fight against the escape to prevent them from escape. Come to run, jump, fight, chase each other, and enjoy a relaxed and witty confrontation.

    5. Ranking: Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Zhenliang Warriors 8, Seeing Dog 2, Tribe conflict, king glory, Jedi Survival stimulus battlefield, League of Legends, Blue route, crossfire, fifth personality.
      The recommendations: Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Zhenliang Warriors 8, Watch Dog 2, Tribe conflict.
      1. "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim"
      "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" is the fifth work of the epic fantasy style RPG "Elder Scrolls" series produced by Bethesda. The game was set in 200 years of "Elder Scrolls 4". With the assassination of the king of Skyrim, Civil War appeared within Nord. Most of the Norders intend to leave the Skyrims from the Empire. Nord's civil war is the ultimate sign of the ancient scroll. The return of Alin, the god of Gunord's destruction, has now been presented as a dragon form. Alin has a Canglong Legion called Jill.
      2, "Three Kingdoms Warriors 8"
      "True Three Kingdoms Warriors 8" is the 8th generation of the action game "Zhen Three Kingdoms Warriors" developed by ω-Force. The game uses a wide range of maps to express mainland China, and for the first time, it uses an open world element to make the game colorful. In this work, in addition to operating the generals who appeared in the Three Kingdoms, players can release a variety of moves to enjoy the pleasure of one thousand, and they can also explore in the open world. The degree of freedom of the game has greatly improved, bringing players a new unparalleled experience.
      3, "Watch Dog 2"
      "Watch Dog 2" is a action adventure game made and distributed by Ubisoft. In the game, players will play a young hacker Marcus to the origin of the technological revolution: San Francisco Bay Area. The largest hacker operation in the history of execution has completely eliminated the criminal head.
      4, "Tribe conflict" game introduction:
      "Tribe Conflict" is a action role -playing game jointly developed by SE and Platinum Studio. The story takes place in the same world as Niel, and there will be a new story plot, but it is almost related to the previous work.

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