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    Based on MFC programming instance book


    Sep 23, 2022

    For example, in detail the book (MSDN is a matter of MSDN), it can also be a mini -game and music player. The algorithm should not be too difficult, mainly focusing on programming. Appreciate it!

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    1. Don't recommend looking at MFC directly. If you want to learn more solidly, let's look at the knowledge of win32 first. Recommend the classic book
      Windows. Although the book is a bit thick, you don’t need to read it all. Essence
      It, you can choose Hou Junjie's "Sanny MFC" (second edition). Although the book introduces VC5.0, the author also specifically explained that because the difference from 6.0 is not much different, the third edition will not be in the first edition. This book is an absolute classic of learning MFC, you can see.
      If Hou Jie (Hou Junjie) is not very good at appetite, you can choose Visualc 6.0 technology inside story (fifth edition). Don't be scared by the name. This is also a classic entry book. The top of the top of Inside Visual C has many examples and comprehensive.
      classic books can be read many times. It is recommended that you buy it, but you can go to the CSDN or the electronic version of the electronic version of the Thunder first, and then buy it. Then I recommend twelve books and MFC -related related to MFC. Some of the books are repeated with the above. 1. C program design tutorial (editor -in -chief of money)
      This can be said to be an entry tutorial for C ! Not only is it in place for the basic knowledge of C , but for people who are not very strong, you can also review it well! When I learned MFC, I sometimes read this book and read some of the previous problems! As a programmer, the foundation is very important, so this book must be read!
      Difficulty: 3*
      Recommended: 9*
      2, Visual C complete manual It's almost the same, but it is more about some details of the grammar! Many theoretical knowledge cannot be used as a textbook, but just as a process of comprehensively understanding from C to C to C#, some historic things explained in the book are still interesting! In the end, I also mentioned some VCs, but they all passed. This book can do general reference books.
      Difficulty: 4*
      Recommended: 5*
      3, Visual C programming training tutorial (Xiong Yibin)
      Rarely entry book of VC (I found it from a second -hand bookstore of). As the book says: read a good book, don't understand it! The examples mentioned are vivid and practical, and the psychological grasp of beginners is very accurate, and it is very suitable for learning from C to VC! This book is also a textbook for CCTV television teaching! Absolutely rare entry classic good book! (Not the entry of this book, I may not learn MFC!)
      Difficulty: 5*
      Recommended: 10*
      4, Visual C 6.0 technology inside ) (David J./geerge Shepherd)
      Themology is suitable for all -level learners in VC. Sometimes reading this book has a feeling of not working hard! This book is also a good book learned by programmers (VCs) around the world. Unfortunately, the author is late! (At present, I can't finish it.)
      Difficulty: 7*
      Recommended: 8*
      5, proficient in MFC (Liu Xiaohua)
      This is not very reasonable! Some feelings are Land Rover! But the knowledge points are in -depth, explaining some knowledge that intersperses with the bottom layer of API and Windwos. It is not difficult to see that this book is a summary of some of the author's own learning experience! The circuit jumps a little, and some explanations are also explained! Examples are deeper, suitable for those who are middle and entry. (Currently studying)
      Difficulty: 6*
      Recommended: 8*
      6, Visual C 6.0MFC class library reference manual
      Intersection This book is actually the Chinese document of VC's MSDN. But simple, there are some suspicion of cutting corners! No, as a rare reference manual, especially the time when there is no electronic documentation around, this has become a life -saving straw! Also the trouble of opening fast translation!
      Difficulty: 5*
      Recommended: 6*
      7, in -depth MFC (book that I don't have at hand)
      I did not have this book, but why did I write it? In fact, I really want this book. I did n’t buy the price issue in the second -hand bookstore last time! Later, I saw a brief introduction to this book on the Internet, saying that it was a good book of MFC learning. And the author is Chinese. So I think this book should be good, I will find it back to see it!
      Difficulty:? *
      Recommended:? *
      8, MFC Windows Program Design (2nd Edition) (IEFF Prosise)
      "The preferred reference book for object -oriented programming on the 32 -bit Windows platform", "To understand how to use the MFC library in the MFC library The advantages of tens of thousands of pre -compilation, predicted code, this book -and its authors -will be your unique choice. " This is the cover of the book and the original text on the back cover, so I won't say more! It's really good, currently studying! Intersection Intersection
      Difficulty: 8*
      Recommended: 9*
      9, Windows API for 2000/XP instance solution (Wang Qiang waited)
      Needless What is the API that is strange! Want to know what AIP is? Intersection And what does it have to do with MFC? This book made a good answer! When programming in multimedia, this book is the boss! However, there is a full solution of the electronic version of PAI, I believe that it is better! But there are some examples of this book, which is also very good!
      Difficulty: 7*
      Recommended: 7*
      10, 32 -bit assembly language and programming in the environment of Windows (by Luo Yunbin)
      This is a rare good book! As mentioned in the book, is the compilation of reality? In -depth explanation in this question book! Personally, it is not to say what compilation to learn! But if you understand the underlying relationship of the program, is it very interesting! Some programming ideas in the book are worth learning! The author also concentrates on some learning experience and programming experience!
      Difficulty: 8*
      Recommended: 5*
      11, a set of (five books) training tutorials (currently only three books, British version)
      How about learning? These books are enough for you to receive it, and the practice after each section is very targeted! I didn't finish it, mainly in English, not very good!
      Difficulty: 8*
      Recommended: 5*
      12, other books
      I want a few books, but because I haven't learned that step, I don’t have time to see it. So I did not collect related books! The above books are only useful to learn! As for the deeper learning, it is different! There is a book programming book programming, which mainly talks about some algorithms, and many errors are wrong, and I haven't read it carefully!

      I wish you a happy learning ~

    2. You can take a look at the principle of MFC in "Sanny MFC", and then you can look at "Visual C . Net Technology" will be mainly applied. These 2 books should be almost after watching MFC

    3. The programming example book has nothing to see. I still recommend watching videos. The video is learned quickly and explained very finely
      I I can send you a copy

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