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    How do I play in 4 people?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The four -nation's military chess is a game composed of four people, one of which is a referee, two or two combined against the game. The game is divided into four colors, namely red, green, purple, and blue. There are also colors such as black, yellow, and white. Each person is twenty -five pawns, including military flags, commanders, military commanders, and two of the bombs, commanders, brigade commanders, heads, and battalions.

      The chessboard is Nine Palace, which is four stars, four border palaces and middle palaces in the middle.
      This position is a single -line offensive defense into a double -line offensive defense. It is an important location for the control disk

      This route road line and railway line.
      The on the road line, any pawn can only take one step on the highway line. Rough black is the railway route. The engineering soldiers can walk on the railway line without blocking. Other chess pieces can only go straight or arc lines on the railway line, and cannot turn straight.

      This points include soldiers, camps, and base camps. The camp is a safe island, and the enemy's chess pieces cannot eat the chess pieces in the camp. There are six elements in the vertical point of their own chess pieces, with front lines, second -line, third lines, fourth lines, bottom lines and end lines.

      25 chess pieces In their own range of 23 soldiers and two base camps, bombs cannot be placed on the front line, mines can only be placed on the last two lines, and military chess can only be placed on the base camp. Chess in order counterclockwise.

      The military chess without chess can be wiped out. Both sides are overwhelmed by the entire army. When the two sides had no chess at the same time, the party was judged. There is one party in the bureau, and all parties are chess. There are no damage to the judgment and chess for 70 consecutive steps.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. There are 25 chess pieces, with a total of 50 chess pieces. They are one of the military chess, commander, and commander of the army; division commanders, brigade commanders, heads, battalion commanders, and bombs each; long, queues, and engineering soldiers ... 2. Military chess foods follow the rules of eating chess and chess. The specific rules are as follows, commander> commander> commander> division commander> commander> commander> commander> chief of the battalion> Captain> Captain> Workers, small chess men are eaten, the same chess pieces meet ... 3. Walking on the board Highway lines and railway lines show the highway lines. Any pawn can only take one step on the highway line. It is shown as a rough railway. When there is no obstacle on the railway ...nThe engineering soldiers can walk on the railway line at arbitrarily, and other chess pieces can only go straight on the railway line and cannot turn right corners. Points of the chess pieces include nodes, camps, and two base camps. The camp is a safe island. After entering, the enemy chess pieces cannot eat the chess pieces in the camp. Military chess and mines cannot move.nThere are three ways of judging the judgment of military chess: 1. Kill all the chess pieces of the opponent's movement to win; 2. After digging out the three mines of the opponent, use the smallest chess player to win the opponent's military chess. ; If one party is forced to go without chess, it is also determined that the party loses chess.n1 morenBleak

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