• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

    How to enter the Douyin mini -game?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “How to enter the Douyin mini -game?”
    1. 00:00 / 00: 3270% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: reduced volume decrease by 10% →: single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear customers, hello, I have received your question here, I am glad to serve you. Please wait for 2 minutes. I will summarize the answer.n1. First open the vibrato. 2. Enter the Douyin interface, click "I" in the lower right corner 3. Then click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. 4. Select the "Mini Program" in the pop -up interface. 5. Click the Douyin mini -game icon, select a small game to play

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