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    Play with two people


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Suitable games that are played in real reality include Wuzi chess, card shuttles, guessing, chess, chess, and so on.
      1, Wuzi chess
      has two ways to play with five children. How to play 1: The two sides use black and white pawns respectively, and at the intersection of the straight line and horizontal line of the chessboard, the five -child connection is formed to win. How to play 2: When forming a five -child connection, you replace any chess pieces of the opponent. The replaced chess pieces can exchange chess pieces with the opponent. Finally, the party who finished all the chess pieces first won.
      2, card shuttle
      , as the name suggests, the two shuttles of Wenzhou are two cards, and then compared to the dealer. It sounds very simple gameplay. The reason why the two shuttles are more changing games are because of the rules of size, that is, how big and how small. Generally speaking, the pair is larger than the two ordinary cards, and the biggest to the son is 9.
      If the dealer and the idle family are ordinary cards, it is relatively small by adding points. If the points are the same, the largest card of the two cards is compared. If this one is the same, it will win for the dealer.
      3, guessing
      guessing, pointing fist. The game of helping the banquet.
      A simple game with three gestures: scissors, stones, and cloth. At the same time, the two made the corresponding shape with their hands. The rules of the winning or losing judgment were: scissors to win cloth, cloth to win stones, and stones wins the scissors.
      4, chess
      This Chinese chess is taken in turn by two people. A two -person confrontation game that will be killed "or" trapped "the opponent (handsome). When the game is right, the party with red chess goes first, and the two sides take turns to take a move until they are divided into victory, negative, and peace, and the end of the game is ended. In chess, people can improve their thinking ability in changes in complex relationships such as defense, deficiency and reality, overall and local.
      5, checked
      is a type of black and white. Chessing is a chess that can be performed at the same time from two to six people. The chessboard is a hexagonal star. The chess pieces are divided into six colors. Each color has 6 or 10 or 15 pieces. , Having a color pawn. Chessing is a puzzle game that is suitable for all ages and widely circulated.
      This is called "Ten Son Play" when using 10 chess pieces. It uses 6 called "six sons checked" and 15 chess pieces are called "fifteen children checked".

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