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    The calculation method of 10 yuan in Sichuan Mahjong Blood Station


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    1. In the end, the blood war is a kind of play in Sichuan Mahjong. Its characteristics are:

      . Fairness
      . Quick
      . Hope
      n It is for other players. In the end, there are only a little gun in the blood war, and the other two do not have to be responsible for this. Greatly reduced the possibility of cheating.

      The quickly said that luck accounts for 70 % of them. If you don't want to make a big name or touch it yourself, you want to harmonize the card very fast. There are not too many difficult waiting.

      It the hope that the blood war must be determined by the three victors before the end, so that the pursuit of art mahjong will hope, so as not to be destroyed by a small P and given it to the destroyed by a small P and given it to the destroyer. Essence


      1. The blood battle is four -person -made, winner Lianzhuang.

      2. There are only three types of thousands of thousands of cards in the bloody battle in the end, and the rest are eliminated. Only two households or one color are allowed. If someone has three households at hand when there is a streaming bureau, it is called "flower pig". Pay according to the remaining maximum cards, called "Cheating Pig".

      3. In the end of the blood war, the first one of the cards of the card is buckled down and exposed. The remaining three continued to play cards and operated according to the same program until the third of the cards or flow bureaus was announced.

      4. Check the piglets and check in the flow bureau, and check whether the card is listened. If you do n’t hear the brand, you must give the brand as much as you listen to the brand, do n’t give the brand. But Hua Zhu compensates three.

      5. Wind and rain (optional) gameplay: Once the bumper occurs, the legging bar gives the money for ordinary Xiaohe, which is called windless wind. During the hidden bar, the three of the three giving it for twice the time became rain. However, if you do n’t listen to the cards at the end of the wind, you should exit the wind and rain.

      *Call transfer: When there is a windy and rainy gameplay, if the barrel occurs, the windy and rainy money is transferred to the brand. Get the bar without wind and rain.

      6. Calculation:

      (1) Ordinary small sum is at the bottom, count as A.
      (2) There is a bar and multiplied by 2, two bars multiplied by 4, and the remaining push.
      (3) Touching and 2A
      (4) The small seven pair and Qingyi are 4A (no mix of color)
      (5) The full band is 2A
      ( 6) Long Qi to 8A (four to the small seven pairs) is 8A, and the Danglong Qi to 16A.
      (7) Barbar flowers and cannons on their own cards.

      7. In order not to hurt people, it is recommended to be capped at 4A or 8A. If you don't cover it, it is easy to hit people. For example: 10 yuan is the bottom, Sanlong Qingqi is 10*4 (Qingyi)*4 (small seven pairs)*8 (Sanlong) = 1280 yuan.

      8. The bar is the bars, not from the end of the card.

      9. The last four cards have a harmony with each other, otherwise the same flower pig theory!

      10. Buying a horse (optional)

      After the license plate is completed, the onlookers can buy a horse at the end of the card. According to the number of the card surface, it is determined to buy on which one is determined according to the East 1 South 2 West 3 North 4 4.

      The buyer, the buyer and this one are equivalent to winning.

      This is a dead horse live horse.

      This horse killing horse: There are more than two horses in one inning, killing each other between the horses. Due to the complicated calculation, it will not be explained here.

    2. Yes, with a bar, this is doubled
      Qingyi, dark seven pairs, pairs of bars, two bars, bars on the bars, large monotonous. Qing Yicai bars, dragons seven pairs, pairs of two bars and three bars, which are three times more
      This and so on. Betting X2. Essence Essence

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the calculation method of Sichuan Mahjong is such a normal small and bottom, and it is calculated as A. (2) There is one bar, two, two bars multiplied by 4, and the remaining push. (3) Touching and 2A (4) Xiaosa -pair and Qingyi are 4A (5) All bands are 2A (6) Dragon Seven pairs (the small seven pairs are the same as in the same), and Shuanglong Qi to 16A is 16A. Essence (7) Barbaruts and cannons on their own cards are 2. For example: 10 yuan is the bottom, Sanlong Qingqi is 10*4 (Qingyi)*4 (small seven pairs)*8 (Sanlong) = 1280 yuan.

    4. Sichuan Mahjong Blood War
      Blood battle mahjong, also known as Sichuan Mahjong or blood war to the end. It is a local mahjong game in Sichuan. It is a local mahjong game with a strong local color. In the blood battle mode, there is no limit on the number of times. In each plate, one and the back of the card are not over, but until the three or grabbing cards are taken.
      Chinese name
      Sichuan Mahjong blood battle to the end
      The original name
      Sichuan Mahjong blood battle to the end
      game type
      The number of players
      4 people

      basic rules of playing rules scoring rules Mahjong Fan Total single machine version
      "Mahjong Blood Battle to the end" is an authentic Chengdu rule Mahjong game that supports blood battles and rain; the 3D visual effect of simulation gives you the feeling of immersive, and the high -strength computer artificial intelligence in the beautiful music is high or low; The vivid and lively character image, playful conversation, the voice of the whole process will definitely make you can't help it. If you feel that competing with a computer is not addicted, you can also connect to our servers, and he can experience the fun and challenges of real -life battles with Ma You in the north of Tiannan. [1]
      Basic rules
      1. Dazor: Choose the dealer from the direction of Dongfeng. 2. Pass: The dealer has 14 cards to play, each time you play one, and the other three are kicked off in the order of the counterclockwise. If you do not complete the bar action, you must also play a card in your own hand.

      3. Hu card: mainly allows the cards or touch of your own hand. The card of the bar finally forms: three, three, three, three, two, or seven pairs. (Side: Third, if you are a bar, you can appear four cards.)
      4. Kanzi: Any card (except flowers), consisting of the same three cards. For example: three 10,000, three nine cylinders and so on.
      5. Bar: Any card (except flowers), consisting of the same four cards. For example: four 10,000, four eight, and so on.
      6. Touch: When the other three players have the cards corresponding to the two cards in their hands, combine it into a engraving, you can choose to touch the card. After touching the card, the two cards in the hand correspond to that card and put it in front of yourself. Then make a card in your hand.
      7. Bar: There are three ways of bar.
      a) Straight bar: When the cards played by other users, there are three corresponding to them in their hands. The combination is combined into the bar, and you can choose the bar. After finishing the card, you can continue to touch a card (the last one in the order of Mahjong). If you fail to touch yourself, choose the card in your own hand to play a picture. This bar is a bright bar. (Wind)
      b) Face: When you have already touched other players and you touch that card, you can choose the bar. After the bar is over, you can continue to touch a card (the last one in the order of the Mahjong card). If you fail to touch yourself, choose the card in your own hand to play a picture. This bar is a bright bar. (Wind)
      c) Dark bars: When there are three same cards in your hand, you have formed a carved man. If you touch another card, you can choose the bar. After the bar is over, you can continue to touch a card (the last one in the order of the Mahjong card). If you fail to touch yourself, choose the card in your own hand to play a picture. The way of this bar is a hidden bar. (Rain)
      8. Hu: The cards released by Hu's card for others.
      Self -touching: The card is touched normally, which is called self -touch Hu, referred to as "self -touch".
      This card rules 
      The blood war (Chengdu) uses the word cards and flower cards, leaving only 108 cards of 108 cards. The number of players is 4 people. Each person grabs 13 cards in his hands. He cannot eat cards. You can touch the card or bars, and the card card is met with the relevant regulations.
      1. To implement blood battles to the end, the bright bars and dark bars must be scored.
      2. Depending on the number of caps in different rooms, the wind and rain are not included.
      3. Under the premise of no replacement, except for the first set of random selection of one person to make a village, the first set of people will be made by the first set of people in the future. Essence Such as 1: D is Zhuang, A is the first, BCD continues to fight, B will be fired to C, D at the same time, and the next dealer is a player A. Put the artillery to C and D, and the next game dealer is a player A. After the replacement, the first set is randomly selected.
      4. Do not eat cards, you can only touch, bar, and make up the card from the normal position of the card wall. The secret bars must also be brightened.
      6. You must lack a door to harmonize the card, that is, there are three cards with three colors when you are a card.
      7. Before the game starts, the player needs to choose a color that wants to play. After the scarcity, the player must play the cards that have been defined in the same lack of color before they can play other color cards.
      8.4 Positive Shunzi or engraving (indicate: carved cards are divided into Kanzi and bar) plus 1 pair to harmonize cards; 7 pairs can be harmonized.
      9. When the gun is the artillery, the artillery is only responsible for his own loser, allowing a lot of noks.
      10. If the card is a self -touching or flower on the bar, the three are lost. The sub -contract system and the family have a room. u003CSpecifically can refer to the QQ game Sichuan Mahjong>, the contract system: The person who is the leader is responsible for the flower score on the bar, which has nothing to do with other Wei Hu card players; The cards bloom on the bar, then all the players who have not lost their points.
      11. During the artillery after the bar, the artillery man transferred the barrel income to the artillery. By.
      12. When playing cards, in the circle of the next card, you cannot abandon the first family and the next family. If you turn over, you can turn it.
      13. The last lap of cards (that is, 4 photos). If someone eliminates the player to choose a card (that is, you can not be a card), you must also be a card. Self -touching
      14 Point artillery is only responsible for their own losses (other players do not lose points).
      15. If the card is self -touching (excluding the legging bars), the three losers; if it is the point of the artillery, the point of the artillery will lose the point; In the infusion point, the bars need to have an extra bumper; allow one shot to make more sounds.
      16. Among them, there are only the last four cards. You cannot be called in the light. There is no way to call this function. The last four self -touches can not be a card (Charity Charity).
      Culed rules 
      1. Fan: Sichuan mahjong species have their own number. Fan is used to calculate multiple.
      2. Multiple: The multiple is used to calculate the division. The 1 -oriented corresponding to 1 times, 2 times corresponding to 2 times, 3 times for 4 times, 4 times corresponding to 8 times, 16 times corresponding to 5, and 32 times the corresponding. The multiple of the corresponding income is 2 (minus 1).
      3. Basic points: 6 points. Basic divisions to obtain or lose points.
      4. Streaming Bureau: When the card wall is finished, if some players still do not meet the conditions of the end of the card (there is no card card in the ordinary field, and the blood battlefield is less than the three Hu cards), the flow bureau will appear. When the flow bureau needs to check the flowers, check and yell. Players who are not called or flower pigs need to refund the wind and rain.
      5. Lithu: If the artillery is lost, if you use the barrel, you must also transfer the obtained from the bar just to Hu card (if 1 cannon is loud, the Hu family gives more points).
      6. Self -touch: Including blooming on the bar, all the non -Hu people deduct the scores of the number of self -touched income.
      7. One cannon many sounds: Players loses to Hupai players. According to Hu card players, they are divided by some points.
      8. The barrel: the barrel (the cards from the bar are fired after the bar). The bar can only be added.
      9. Grabbing: When the cards in the player's bumper are the cards that may be Hu Hu, the player can grab the cards of the bumper on the side of the bar, the player who is grabbing the player's face (wind) invalid.
      10. Escape: Escape to deduct points, the person who has run away, the game ends. And settle the settlement of the bureau.
      11. Escape deduction: In addition to the players who are compensated to the wind and rain, they need to deduct 96 points for the players of Wehu. In the last 4 cards, others checked (regardless of the runner, no matter the runner (whether the runner is a runner Listen to the card, pay for others), according to a high score deduction.
      12 The rules that need to be paid attention to: three photos, after touching the next round, the next round is only considered a root, do not collect rain money; after touching the card, you can touch the fourth shot in time. Root, do not collect rainy money;

    5. Sichuan Mahjong, also known as Chengdu Mahjong, or Bloody Mahjong, is popular in Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guizhou. It is an entertainment method. The core is to fight, wind and rain, counting, blood battles to the end, and the flow bureau checked and checked the piglets.
      Among the card cards, a card card does not end the card, but the player of Weihu continued until the three huts or the remaining player stream bureau. The card ended together. In this way, the players who are not necessarily the most profitable, and the players who can shoot can also turn over, improve the fun, and promote the stable development of the card. [1]
      Chinese name
      Sichuan Mahjong
      Foreign names
      sichuan mahjong
      game terms are called type game rules, term numbers, games n game introduction
      Sichuan Mahjong again It is called blood -war Mahjong, and Mahjong played in Sichuan area [2], especially Chengdu and surrounding are more popular [3]. The core is to be absent, rain and rain, counting, and the bureau checked. Among the cards, a card card does not end the card, but the player who has not been played until the three of them or the remaining player streaming bureau. The card ended together. In this way, the players who are not necessarily the most profitable, and the players who can shoot can also turn over, improve the fun, and promote the stable development of the card. [1]
      Puct terms
      The blood battle to the end: The family is not over this game, but the player who has not been hopped until there are three players who have finished cards or the remaining players. This is not necessarily the most profitable first, and those who can be used can also turn over, which improves gaming and interesting. The card ended and settled together.
      lack of a door
      The wind and rain: The bar is calculated when settlement.
      Dazes: The first game is casual. In the future, each inning will be the first in the last game.
      This dick: The dealer rolls two dice to determine the starting position of the card.
      : The dealer needs to touch the above one when you touch the 14th card.
      Net fixed: At the beginning of a game, you can set up no door, and you cannot change it later. Generally, a card of this color is placed down, and the first round is played.
      The shortage (Tian Que): There are only two houses or even one door card after the start of the card.
      Couzi (Kan): Three numbers of numbers or three cards are called one -mob or one of the cards.
      Tongzi: The card pile on the table
      will: a pair of cards when the card is.
      Calling: Listen. There is a lack of one door, and the four pairs and one pair will be able to be a card.
      The death of death: The next name is actually ca n’t be Hu (all capable cards have already appeared)
      (sound gēn, usually child translations are gēr, some places are thought as Guī): Bar Or the four unprecedented bars (four returns).
      Zhang Zi: Refers to a specific card. Such as: How can Zhang Zi be loose?
      Serbone (Golden Zhang): The four cards have now available, and the last one is called the best.
      Self -picking (self -catching, self -touch): Hu himself touched the card.
      The artillery (point cannon): The cards played by others were Hu.
      : The size of the card type.
      The full grid (best): The actual basic brand type is generally 8 times cap, which is Mange.
      In the call: At the end of the end,

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