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    What are the fun places in Shenyang?


    Sep 23, 2022

    It's not like tourist attractions. Like the CS live training hall, shooting ground, something. I just finished the college entrance examination this year. I was uncomfortable at home and wanted to go out with my classmates.

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    1. The Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City is the second largest and complete palace building complex in the Forbidden City of the Palace Museum in Beijing, with high historical and artistic value. The Shenyang Forbidden City was founded in 1625 and was built in 1636. It is the palace of the Qing Dynasty and the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. There are more than 90 buildings and more than 300 buildings, covering an area of ​​60,000 square meters. With Chongzheng Hall as the core, the Qingning Gate -Qingning Palace as the central axis, the Forbidden City can be divided into East, Central and West Road. Beiling Beiling Park (Zhaoling) is the tomb of the second generation of the founding monarch of the Qing Dynasty and the Queen of Xiaofu. It is the perfect combination of the Qing Dynasty emperor's tomb and modern gardens, with an area of ​​3.32 million square meters. Beiling was built in 1643. There are buildings such as Longen Hall, Baocheng, Baoding, Crescent City, Daming Tower, Damian Tower, Fangcheng, Long Enmen, Dahongmen, Shi Architecture and other buildings. Beiling Park has become a bright pearl embedded in the land of Shencheng with its ancient history, mysterious emperor's tomb and garden landscape. Dongling Dongling (Fuling) is the Lingji of the Qing Taizu and his queen Yeheala, covering an area of ​​more than 500 hectares. Dongling was founded in 1629 and was basically completed in 1651. It was built many times after Shunzhi, Kangxi, and Qianlong, forming a complete Mausoleum building complex. There are solemn red doors in the tomb, there are vivid stone lions, stone tigers, stone horses, etc., including the famous 108 steps, including Fangcheng, Longen Hall, East and West Palace, Daming Tower, Baoding and other buildings. Dongling's architecture is rigorous and finely carved, reflecting the excellent tradition and unique style of ancient Chinese architectural art. The Xinle site Xinle Site is a maternal commune site in the early 7,200 years ago in the early 7200 years ago. Among them, the unearthed "woodcarving birds" are the longest precious cultural relics unearthed in the Shenyang area, and the only long -lasting woodcarving crafts in the world. Nanguan Catholic Church Nanguan Catholic Church was founded in 1878. It is south to the south. It is a European Gothic building. The two bell towers are 45 meters high. The hall is supported by 24 stone pillars. The structure is unique. worship. Qipan Shan International Scenic Tourism Development Zone Qipan Shan International Scenic Tourism Development Zone is located in the northeast of Shenyang. The mountains of the scenic area, the valley roundabouts, the waters of the water, the lush forests, the spring water dings, and the bird's fragrance. Scenic area in one. The scenic area is known for its spring green, summer scenes, autumn maples, and winter snow. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, the scenic area also includes the famous humanistic landscapes such as the Goguryeo Mountain City site, Nantianmen, Fairy Cave, Mom Stone, Dianzhutai, Xiangyang Temple, Tori Forest. The big world of Qipan Mountain is a hot spot in Shencheng's winter tourism. Shenyang International Chess and Card Athletics Center is famous for holding many international chess events. There are also ideal places for the Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo, Leisure Sports Plaza, and Ocean Mountain Forest Park, etc., and have become an ideal place for people to entertain and return to nature. Ancient meteorite Shenyang ancient meteorite is distributed within 168 square kilometers southeast of Shenyang, the largest one of them is located in Jaestang Mountain, Lixiang Town, Dongling District, 160 meters long, 54 meters wide, 42 meters high, and weighing about 2 million tons. It is the world. It is the world. It is the world. The largest ancient meteorite. It formed 4.5 billion years ago and fell 19 billion years ago. The strange slope is located on the west foot of Hun Shan, Xinchengzi District. In the face of the wilderness, it is a slope of the west height and east. It is more than 100 meters long and more than 20 meters wide. All kinds of vehicles do not open the downhill (pedal), but the uphill (pedal) will naturally slide on the slope. It can be called "Huaxia a must" on the strange slope, as well as Xiangshan, buzzing, Shenyang Tiger garden, Wolong Zen Temple and other tourist attractions. The Forest Wild Zoo Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo is a national forest wild zoo. It is located in the National Tourist Scenic Area of ​​Qipanhan, Shenyang, covering an area of ​​2.4 million square meters. The zoo garden landscape is designed by the Scenic Scenic Hall of Seto in Tokyo, Japan. The park is composed of wild release vehicle ornamental areas, cage and walking ornamental areas and lakeside playgrounds. Among them, the Wildlike Car Restaurant's viewing area occupies 1.5 million square meters in the region, consisting of seven districts such as Hu Shan, Xiong Bulu, Wolf Valley, Shiling, Asian animal grassland, African animal grassland, and water poultry lake. There are nearly 100 kinds of rare animals. Zhang's handsome house "Zhang's handsome house" is also known as "Da Shuai Mansion" and "Shao Shuai Mansion". It is the official residence and private house of Zhang Zuolin, the leader of the warlord, Zhang Zuolin and his eldest son. 1 yesterday reappeared from Shenyang Heping District Literature and Art Road 11-12 at 3 pm to 4 am. The first bar in Shenyang City opened in 1995 for 10 years. I believe if you take a look. Essence The bar launches various literary performances every night. 2 San Marco Bar Shenyang City Heping District No. 21 Weiyi Road, No. 21 US Consulate at the Performing Hall from No. 21 in the Pacific Hall of the Period of the Mark Marco Bar from 5pm to 2 am is a large -scale entertainment place that integrates leisure, entertainment and American Western food, which can accommodate more than 500 at the same time. Guest. The first floor is mainly American bar and accompanied by on -site band performances, allowing you to relax the fatigue in the singing dance. The second floor is based on the elegant soft bags, so that you can feel a tranquility and warmth in the noise. The 3rd Yasha Bar, No. 184, Dazan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, 5pm to 2pm at 2 am. Yasha bar is a pure western-style performing arts bar. 4 PARTY98 party performing arts slowly shake it at 5 pm at 12 pm to 2 pm to 2 pm in Pingyuan North Street, Taiyuan North Street, Heping District, Shenyang City. The band originally did not dance in Bee House 5 VIP Room Japanese -style Bar, Shenyang City, Shenyang City No. 316, Jinxia Plaza North Bath Lanquan Bathing at 5 pm to 2 pm, generally do not receive separate Chinese people, only receiving with Japan The 6th magic flute bar, the 6th Yangtze River Street, Yanggu District, No. 153, No. 153, 5 to 2 in the morning of the Western -style bars. You can go to the 7th floor of the President Building, the President Building, the President Building of the 7th to 2am of the 7th to 2am of the 7th to 2am of the President Building of the 7th to 2am. , XXX's entertainment venue, high consumption, but the grade is there, the minimum consumption is 2000, usually men go to the 8th of the red star theater at No. 287, Taiyuan South Street, Shenyang, Shenyang, Shenyang, Shenyang, Shenyang. We huge sums of money to build the premier luxury high -end business KTV in the Northeast, with a fashion interpretation space of 3,500 square meters, bringing you extremely carnival feelings. Unprecedented scale-to show your distinguished taste while release. The specially equipped super luxury VIP business KTV private room is an ideal place for your business negotiation. The private room is equipped with a high -end mixer. The professional DJ will call you the most accurate sound. Give you the most shocking visual and hearing shock! The Filipino band is invited to perform on the spot, bringing you a live version of the extreme HIGH explosion. Various styles of singing and heavy metal -like performances will definitely make every distinguished guest. My favorite Philippine band is the famous in Shenyang nightclub ~ Very, greatly recommended 9 DJ time large -scale performing arts Di Di, Pingyuan South Street Wenxin Building Cultural Palace, I do n’t know how much after 5 pm to the 5th floor. It is estimated that When is there no one on the morning of the second day, when will the consumption of the scattered bar, and the DS is more accompanying wine. It is not interesting. It is a child 10 midnight Sunshine Club, Shenyang, Shenyang City, No. 10, Heping District, Shenyang City. The entertainment project is full of KTV large bar slowly shake DJ large -scale Chinese and foreign band performing art foreigners. The male steel pipe is too ugly. It is ups and downs, but now KTV is basically in the state of stopping business 12 Visits Voice Music Hotel Shenyang City Heping North Street, pure green KTV hotel. S500, the black 13 Shenyang Qianji World Entertainment Co., Ltd. Heping District No. 9 KTV, Tongze Street, seems to have everything, basically the same! At 14 days, KTV, No. 43 Xiaoliu Road, Qiwu Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang City, No. 43, No. 43, No. 43, Xiaoliu Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang City, No. 135, Beishun City Road, Dadong District, Shenyang City, and a home on the side of Guangdong and Zhejiang. My suggestion is that men go alone! Haha 16 David Ying now goes to play psychological games there are more rich people, haha ​​~ Zhongshan stewed soup at the corner of the corner is a sub -field of my favorite 17 Tang Dynasty Chinese Theater Beijing Tanghui. Now foreign countries People are also more concentrated, because there is a British among his marketing managers. Now buying people, buy one get one! Value value 18 KISS Zhongshan Square's Happy Di on the second floor is still slow, but it can be faster than SOS. The consumption is the same, but the card seat is not very comfortable 19. Lucky Star, it's really good. I just went with my friends today, haha, I don’t know what consumption is, but the glass bag is really cool, there are many beautiful sisters, hey, I recommend everyone to see if you go to see it

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