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    What are the fun racing sports games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the fun racing sports games?”
    1. Students who are tired of playing FPS games and RPG games can be seen. In fact, the racing racing games we are familiar with are also highly playable types. Not only are there all kinds of cool and realistic cars, but also beautifully comparable to reality. landscape. Players driving this own vehicle and racing in the track and opponents are a great simulation experience. I recommend three fun racing games in this issue, let's take a look together.
      . "Extreme Ratings: Horizontal Line 4"
      "Extreme Ratings: Horizon 4" The background is set in the UK. There are road series of closed roads in the racing event. Rally series, the extreme off -road race over the mountains, and so on. The role played by the player can solve more exhibitions and rewards through various modes, and finally won in the four long -distance competitions of the ultimate decisive battle.
      . "World Cross -country Champion 8 (WRC 8)"
      This game will allow players to experience almost professional WRC career models, not only to conquer the tracks around the world as drivers, but also require management. A team that belongs to its own. In addition, this game also brings a new skill tree system to players. With good teams, R

    2. The fun racing competition game is QQ Speed. The QQ Speed ​​operation is relatively simple. At the same time, there are many modes. Not only are they simply competitive mode, it will bring players a good game experience.

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