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    What are the more playable stand -alone games on the phone?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Alcetic Book Web Links
      A mobile game placed in a absurd Kosu strategy. It has a unique and absurd style, brain -burning strategy, and six camp heroes will match you. It is the best choice for players to spend time. For 57 years, a small island floated in the endless black ocean. The people on the island lived isolated from the world, and the days should have lived like this every day. However, the corrupted greedy ancient god invaded the island, and the god of light no longer responded to people's demands. I do n’t know when it starts, a legend began to spread on the island -when the seven altars light up, the wheel of destiny will be newly opened. Essence
      2. Sword qi removal H5 web link
      "Sword Qi Demon" is a "text repair card mobile game", which pays tribute Unique worldview, reaching a unique game style, allowing you to step into the fairy way anytime, anywhere, and easily experience the daily life of immortality. Players will play a mortal who is looking for immortals. On the one hand, practicing the body, learning magical powers, practitioners practice Dan, collect magic weapons, plant spiritual cultivation beasts, find the mountains to visit the water, and then practice into a immortal step by step; the other On the one hand, Yu Jian Xunshan visited the water to make friends with the world, and embarked on the road of feathery. Essence rn3.西游伏魔记网页链接rn《西游伏魔记》定位于玄幻题材的概念范畴,借此讲述神秘少年为了解开自己的身世之谜,一路历尽凶险,招募武将、 The story of saving all beings in the Three Realms. It is a turn -based card -type card game. Recommended by the Buddhist Domain: Do not move King of the Ming Dynasty, Sati ancestor, Jigong, Puxian Bodhisattva, Happy Rhosto, Tibetan Bodhisattva Demon lineup Recommendation: Yangli Daxian, Black Bear Essence, Iron Fan Princess, Sun Wukong, Ventilation Dasheng, Red Baby Recommendation of the Mingfu lineup: judge, inspiration king, black and white impermanence, King Yan Luo King Bai Liangzi, Huangfeng Monster Fairyfu lineup Recommendation: Six -arm Nezha, Zhenyuan Daxian, Fire Spirit Virgin, Yan Tai Master, Dragon King Three Princes
      4. Cangzhi Era (Free brush 100,000 charging) Web link
      The sominee, the mind of the heart. "Cangzhi Era" is a mobile game integrating Japanese exquisite style, real -time fighting, hero development, and various social leisure gameplay. Hundreds of heroes gather arbitrary matching, strategic combinations are pushed, and many people are not asynchronous interaction, free exploration and other ways to play for you to experience! Immediately turn into a member of the adventurer team, and explore the unknown Orola continent with many heroes!

      5. Jiu Long Jue (Dimension Adventure) Webpage Link
      "Jiu Long Jue (Dimension Adventure)" is a card placement adventure game, with more than 100 high -value heroes , Yaoguang, Yongye, and Chaos Three tries fight! Meng Niang, Yu Sister, Loli, handsome guy, there is always one that moves you! Strike the audience with a cute face! No need to worry about not moving forward due to insufficient combat power, let alone affect your experience due to the requirements of combat power. Because the relaxed and casual fully -automatic hanging system allows you to win if you lie down! It doesn't matter if you can't beat it. Sleep again, easily develop without pressure! The combat in the game is full of strategic, not brainless stacks. The three clan heroes are restrained from each other, and the race matching can greatly improve the team attributes. The specific hero team can also release the combination skills! Instant spike!

      6. Fantasy Realm Awakening (Ren Chuanxing Wan Chong) Webpage Link
      "Phantom Awakening (Send Full Star Wan Chong)" is a new magic RPG card mobile game. Full VIP, 10W diamonds, no threshold for thousands of dollars (200W diamonds) and 2880W gold coins, and immediately choose the UR gods on the line. 0 氪 can also easily match the lineup. The customs clearance is sent to the real charging, the upgrade is free to send 4W true charge, the hegemony plan is up to 9W real charging, easily receive massive recharge rewards, and the daily active will also send 330 yuan recharge! In order to create an authentic adventure, the card and RPG characters are perfectly integrated together. The gods of the country comes to the gods of the country. Players need to play travelers to explore this wonderful world; here you can recruit as much as possible. Partners, from various strange races and nations, form a team for adventure exploration. Through reasonable matching, continue to break through themselves, enjoy all the magical things about the world, come and take risks together!
      7. Yijian Chengxian (free Xiaoyao) Webpage link
      The mediocre young people are in the pursuit of the way of life, and they have mistakenly entered the immortal path. ~ Let's find the answer together ~

      8. Heroes of the Heroes Page
      "Xia Guo Tao" is a myth of "Sealing God Romance". The story, ancient heroes will also be summoned by players. Once again, the exquisite national style character shapes, rich and wonderful game tasks, fascinating main lines to answer the plot of Lingling, all kinds of enthusiasm outside the imagination are fascinating. The game integrates a variety of PVE, PVP gameplay and special ⾊ development line. The player's strategy system dominates the game world. Essence
      9. The big head of the big head 2 page
      "Big Head 2" adhering to the traditional Chinese martial arts style, and the gorgeous martial arts recruitment and action special effects of each martial arts into the battle. The player will be the head of the generation, the mountains and the widen, recruiting knights, and Fuwu Lin to achieve the unification of the martial arts! Based on the card gameplay, the game adds fun layout strategies, various martial arts skills, and Xia Ke NPC develops interactive gameplay and other fun gameplay. Card lovers don't miss it!

      The above is the recommendation of placement welfare mobile games brought by Fenglin Mobile Games (14294). Together with your hands together, let go of yourself.

    2. 1. Happy elimination: A three -categorian leisure game developed by music elements.
      2, defending radish: A Meng -style tower defense game developed by "Kaelo World". It is easy to get started and young and old. Built -in novice guidance. The game contains rich levels and theme packages, with a variety of defensive towers with their own style, interesting sound settings and funny monster shapes and names that greatly increase the fun of the game. Players can also collect props and monsters to complete more achievements.
      3, cut rope: a puzzle game developed by Chillingo; Zeptolab. As soon as I was listed on the App Store for a month, I pulled the championship "Angry Birds" down the dark horse throne. The game adopted a classic 2D interface. The cute OM NOM was well received by the players. The game screen is gorgeous, sparkling stars, realistic soap bubbles. The game selection interface uses a box to replace the chapter, which shows the intention of the developer. The entire game adopts contact control method. Players need to cut the rope to send the candy to the OM NOM port, collect golden stars, find hidden paintings and unlock new new paintings and unlock new new paintings and unlock new new paintings. On the level, each theme has 25 clever design, which increases the playability of the game.
      4, Happy Fighting Landlord: It is the first real -time play chess and card mobile game of Tencent's mobile game platform. The game uses the landlord event as the background to determine the game's victory and defeat through playing cards.
      5, Happy Arcade Fishing: It is a multi -person connected fishing game, 100%restore arcade fishing. Super dazzling pictures, more than 30 kinds of fish, more mermaids, various fish array waiting for you to capture.

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