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    What daily entertainment projects do Hohhot have?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Inner Mongolia Hohhot National Forest Park. In addition to natural landscapes, there are human landscapes such as Wusu Tu, Lama Cave, Qingshan Park, and "May 1" Reservoir. Winter Arctic Ski Resort. Among them, skiing, single -board skiing, skating, camel sleds, dog sleds, mara sles, snow motorcycles and horses and horses, snowballs, snowmen, etc. But this is only winter, it is about December. Hohhot Zhaojun Tomb, you can watch the song and dance performance of "Zhaojun Love", two games a day. Hohhot Hila Muoren Grassland, look at the beauty of the grassland, riding horse, camel, watching singing and dancing performances, participating in the bonfire party, etc. Hohhot's Tourism and Resort of the Lechuan of the Hohhot. The resort is based on ecological agriculture, characterized by production and sales of green "organic food", and integrates catering, entertainment, shopping, leisure vacation, taste culture, planting, breeding, and sightseeing.

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