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    What is the situation of micro -mahjong always lost, mobile phone micro -mahjong always loses


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is the situation of micro -mahjong always lost, mobile phone micro -mahjong always loses”
    1. Weiye Mahjong has always lost because the player does not master the skills, so it will cause many failures during the game. Generally, when you are playing mahjong games, you should first keep in mind some rules, so that you can make yourself easier to ignore when playing games.
      1. "Rannia"
      nbsp; For each mahjong enthusiast, if the card is very messy, try not to eat it. You should seize all the opportunities to touch it, and then adjust the card in your hand to avoid being passive.
      because once you choose to eat, it will cause the entire card type to disrupt, and all of them are scattered in your hands. Good people leave more opportunities. Because the cards you touch are basically not what you want, you can only play all of them, which is obviously not good.
      2. Keep in mind the rules
      nbsp; The trend of the card and the card is very important for the whole card. If you play 1347 in the next family, do not eat it. There have been no cards that have never been Hu, and you can do not move as much as possible. You can get some familiarity. If the next family plays 30,000 or 80,000, this means that there may be 3.568 million in the hands, which means Essence
      3, deliberately abandoning the bar
      In some cases, you can also choose to discard the barbar, which can effectively confuse the other party, but it will have more effects on yourself. When someone is making a fortune, don't open the bar immediately, which will leave everyone a feeling of no big name. If you choose to open the bar, you should make all the money and red in the red. At this time, it will make everyone very Surprising, I think you may choose to be a big three yuan. It will leave all the cards in their hands, resulting in a great difficulty when winning the victory.

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